Happy Saturday morning one and all out there in Internet-land-ia!

I’ve been a busy man over the past few weeks both in work and in art, not to mention a bunch of damned doctor visits sprinkled about. So to start with the medical news, the hives damned sure ain’t stress related. I’ve been back to the doc 4 times for steroid injections while living with my head in a bubble from the prescription antihistamines for a month. Break outs still happen, at random, and with random severity.

So at this point it seems I’ve developed an allergic reaction to something I’m exposed to on a daily basis, what that is is anyones’ guess. I am nothing if not routine in just about everything I do when it comes to the work week. Weekends, on the other hand, are just about always up in the air. So for now all I can really do is put myself on an over-the-counter antihistamines regimen for a few weeks and see how things pan out. Worse case scenario I have to go to an allergist and get stabbed with a needle 40-50 times in order to try and locate what the hell I’m allergic to. This gettin’ old sh! t is for the birds.

Moving along to far more interesting things, the X-Men story arc is coming along and I’ve added 3 more pages to the Marvel Projects gallery. The dialogue has not been photoshopped in yet, mainly because I’ve been lazy. I sit at a computer for 10-12 hours every day at work playing “IT-Superhero” so the last thing I’m looking to do when I get home and take off my cape is plop back down in front of my computer to do more work. I do plan to get to that soon, however right now drawing is far more important so I’ve been doing as much as the inspiration I drag out kicking and screaming can handle. Below is the current page I’m working on for the X-Men story arc and you can see things are all about to come to a head right in the middle of a downtown area. There will be wreckage. Oh yes, there WILL be wreckage.


So at that I’m about to head back to the drawing board and do some playing, which I will be broadcasting LIVE on UStream so feel free to toon in and watch, and by all means feel free to login/create and account and join in the live chat as well. I enjoy talking to folks while I work and it makes the artistic process more fun and rewarding for everyone.

That’s all for now. Stay Tooned!

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