Greetings Internet-izens!

It’s been tough over the past couple of weeks trying to find the time and motivation to get this project moving full steam ahead. Between things at work ramping up due to the start of the Broadway season and most recently getting hit with a nasty sinus infection that took me down for 3 days, I’m actually amazed of gotten as far as I have. Of course it doesn’t speed up the process when I’m working with characters that are completely out of my wheel-house either, but that’s half the fun of this project.

Here’s a sneak peek at the first page, which got a lot of updates as of last night.


There are a lot more nightmarish things lurking in the lower half of this page, so I’m holding off showing those until much later in the inking process. I’ll be back at it tonight after work, so long as nothing goes wrong at work after hours as I’m on call all week. I may attempt to broadcast this evenings session, however I still have not tackled how to set that up in my current space.

That’s all for now, Stay Tooned!

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