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In my usual fashion, long time no post, again. Lots and LOTS going on over here in the world of Watts. The usual grind notwithstanding I’m off on the adventure of home buying which is what I’ve been busting my ass and my pride to save up for over the last 6-8 months. This all, of course, adds up to little time if any to get to the (portable) drawing table. But, the sooner I get my nose to the grindstone and get the house hunting over with the sooner I can actually get back to the (stationary) drawing table. Cowboy up and hammer down.

I do have some stuff to share however. I’ll start with a couple of pieces that I doodled in the recent months. One a mermaid that started as a doodle and just went to full pens, the other an unfinished portrait of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman that I started the morning that his passing had been reported.

 photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

The Hoffman piece I’m thinking should remain unfinished, given that I feel his life and his career were far from finished. We have lost a lot of great talent already in 2014, I hope we have seen the last of that trend for the year.

Lastly, my (short) submission to the Top Cow 2013 Talent Hunt. I had such high hopes for this project, and I’ve got the storyboards to prove it. The sample script completed would have been a total of 8 pages including a 2-page spread. Between work, medical issues, and house hunting all at the same time I clearly bit off more than I could chew, but that didn’t stop me from continuing to bite. I hammered out these two pages and began the process of pages 4-5 which is the 2-page spread when the contest deadline hit. I had actually considered not submitting, but then came to my senses and realized that I still put the hours and work into these pages, so there’s no reason not to submit them. As Ron Marz put it to me “Better to do 4 or 5 kick-as pages than 8 half-assed pages.” While I was only able to submit 2 pages, the 2-page spread following it is still on my agenda to finish, mainly just because I came up with some really groovy visuals for it and I want to see it done. 🙂 So, since these have already been submitted to Top Cow, I now release them out into the wild!

Top Cow Talent Hunt 2013

So, it’s hurry up and await my fate time on that project. There’s no telling how many actual submissions they received much less how long it will take them to go through them all and narrow down the finalists/winners. Good thing I have plenty to keep me busy.

That’s all the post I have in me for now folks. I hope within the next couple of months, hopefully less, to be back in my own sanctuary and working feverishly on all things art, music, and technology. Stay Tooned!

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