On occasion I like to share things that go on behind the scenes at work (http://www.tpac.org) that the general public rarely ever gets to see if at all.

Currently the Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk stages are undergoing replacement. Why is this worth reporting on you ask? Well, both stages have been in place for 20 years and in that time a great many famous and talented stage actors, actresses, and performances have taken place on these stages (Weird Al Yankovic, 501st Legion, White Stripes, and Jerry Lewis just to name a few). That’s a lot of history to be sure.

photo 1

Here is the Jackson stage area where you can see the new stage going in as well as the trap doors that to the best of our knowledge have never been used and were covered up by the previous stage. They will be fully sealed in this time around as they create weak spots in the stage when heavy equipment is rolled over them.

Another reason I’m sharing this is because I myself have also had my time in the spotlight on Jackson stage while my guitar rig was living in my office while I was in the process of saving up for and buying a house. Here’s a quick snippet.

So, on top of all the talent that walked and performed on this stage I myself have also “performed” (more like drinking beer and screwing around) on the stage thus adding more sentimental value to this next photo.

photo (4)


This is a piece of Jackson stage which I grabbed off the pile before it was tossed into the dumpster. I intend to trim it down and straighten out the edges, sanding the edges to round them out, and then find some ornate coffee table legs to tack onto it at which point this will be my living room table at home. I’ll likely put a small plaque on it with it’s install and removal dates for historical reference. All in all I think it’s a cool piece of history to own, not to mention that it’s part of a stage that I myself have played on. I’ll post progress on the table as it moves to completion.

Now, Back To Work!

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