Greetings one and all, I’m going to step outside of the box today for this post. Normally I would just update on projects that are (or aren’t) getting done, but this time around I’m actually going to try and get all of you out there involved in my projects as well as review some things that I have found to be very worthy of your time and money.

First off we have this poll which will be running for a week starting today. This poll was originally posted on the EBI Facebook page (as was the previous poll) but this is turning out to be problematic in getting people to get involved. What’s more, when I am actually able to get people involved the poll usually ends up in a tie once the deadline hits. I’m hoping that by hosting the polls here on EBI directly that it will be easier for everyone to participate and lessen the odds of hitting another tie when all is said and done at the deadline.

So please, get your votes in over there to the right side of the page. I’m anxious to get to work on another project, and what’s more these “projects” will be part of an upcoming e-Commerce page that I will be creating later this month to sell original art and prints. Moving along to the reviews…


“The Avengers – Earths Mightiest Heroes” Season 1

I had the pleasure of watching the entire season 1 of Marvel’s “The Avengers – Earths Mightiest Heroes” from start to finish about a week ago. Marvel has always impressed me throughout the years with it’s animated series offerings and this time is no different. This series is perfect for those who are just getting into the lore of the Marvel Universe and are looking for a way to quickly get caught up, especially with the Avengers movie in the works. There is a lot in the series that will appeal to both adults and kids alike, the story and action move at just the right pace to keep you wanting to see more after each episode.

I’m personally looking forward to season 2 but in the meantime I recommend going out and grabbing a copy of season 1 so you’re ready not only for season 2 but also to give you a refresher on the formation of the Avengers. If you don’t have the fundage you can watch “most” of the episodes on Marvels website however I have to warn you that whoever they have running their video archives apparently doesn’t understand the concept of numerical or linear ordering as the episodes are in no way shape or form listed in order. You’ll spend more time trying to find the next video in the series than you will actually watching the show, but I guess that’s the price you pay for free media.


Anthrax – Worship Music

Turning to my musician side, I’ve been waiting uber-impatiently for this album to get released ever since they released “Fight ‘Em ‘Till You Can’t” off the album a couple of months ago. I was blown away to find that Joey Belladonna was back with the band, which was a very welcome announcement, though I do miss John Bushs’ vocal styling as W.C.F.Y.A was a killer album and the best in Bushs’ run with the band (in my opinion anyway).  Though still lacking the presence of Danny Spitz on lead guitars, the guys are sounding just like the Anthrax we all know and love.

At current count I’ve listened to the entire album about 6 times now and I’m still in love with every song, which is rare for me. Given my bias from being a professional musician myself I find myself critiquing just about everything I listen to “almost” as much as I criticize my own writing and playing. Anthrax has been one of those bands that I’ve always had a hard time finding any music they’ve done that I don’t like.

All in all this album gets an 11 out of a possible 10 from me and I’m highly recommending you go out and grab a copy today, especially for those of you who are old school Anthrax fans. To Joey, Scott, Charlie, Frank, & Rob – This album has exceeded all of my expectations, fantastic job and I hope you guys are planning to stop in TN on the tour.


That’s all I’ve got for now, time to get back to doing all the things that are quickly turning my week into a giant cluster-frak. More to follow later, Stay Tooned!!!

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