Greetings one and all out there sailing the high prox-seas of the greater Internet. GMX was a BLAST I must say and I am certainly going to be working much harder to be a larger part of it next year. I’d like to firstly thank my friend Chris Hamby for finally convincing my to drag my overworked ass out there to hang out and hob nob with some really great industry folks. Chris works on the GMX staff and was a big help in making introductions since he’s been around a lot of these folks for years so a HUGE thanks goes out to him.

And speaking of really great industry folks, I met quite a few.

Probably one of the biggest meets for me was the lovely Marilyn Ghigliotti who I have to say was a true pleasure to meet. Some years back I had met and actually hung out with Jason Mewes in Nashville, so getting to meet a second member of a cult classic was awesome. However, she made it even better when she happily reviewed the artwork I had brought to the show. She was impressed enough that she stated she has a publisher or two she would like to put in contact with me. And if that wasn’t cool enough she also told me to hit her up on Facebook so we can stay in touch, so expect to see her in my time line from time to time, and possibly me in hers. 🙂


Next we have zombie artist extraordinaire Mr. Billy Tackett. As you can see we have a lot in common. We share the same taste in hats, head and facial hair, and ZOMBIES. Billy was certainly one kool kat and also took the time to peruse my work. Much like Marilyn he has some contacts from time to time he said would be right up my ally and he would certainly forward my info on when the projects come through.




Next we have the gorgeous Tanya Tate, porn star and award winning cos-player donning the Black Canary costume for this con. She was extremely sweet and open. We talked briefly as she looked over my artwork and she too stated that she might possibly have some contacts to send my way.


I also met a few industry icons such as Guy Gilchrist (Nancy) and Norm Breyfogle (Batman: Knight Fall / Batman Beyond) who had some great things to say and some great advice as well. From there I also met Garrett Wang from Star Trek who also had a lot of great things to say about my artwork. And last but certainly not least I did get a brief moment to say hello and shake hands with Veronica Belmont from Tekzilla, though that was registration night and I didn’t have my artwork with me to show off. It was still nice meeting another professional geek especially one as beautiful as her, and I think she sets a very positive role for women who are in or want to be in the tech industry.

On top of all of that the folks that organize and run GMX have expressed an interest in me working with them for a webcomic character that has become a meme of the con, possibly taking the character to a new height at the con and possibly outside of the con. So all in all I had a great time, I met some great people, and hopefully I made a lot of new friends.

I have quite a few more pictures from the con that I plan to share later as I have quite a bit to tend to after spending the weekend indulging in my geek side instead of taking care of the weekend to-do list. So with that I bid you all a good evening, and as always STAY TOONED!

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