Greetings Netizens of Internet-landia,

Very long time no post. So much is going on right now in my world and I honestly find myself overwhelmed trying to carry the load and make sense of it all at the same time. But, my personal life aside lets get to the fun stuff that you come here for: ARTWORK!

I’m still grinding away at the Top Cow 2013 talent hunt project, albeit very slowly. I can tell you balancing a 50+ hour a week job, illustrating, and playing music is one hell of a feat and I couldn’t even tell you if I was doing it right or not. The world keeps on a spinnin’ so I keep on truckin’. I’m now on the second page of the project which I plan to finish the inks on today or as much as I can stand anyway. After that is a 2-page spread where the story really starts to get crowded with more characters and a lot more action. That one is going to take a lot of work in what little time I have to get it done a majority of which I hope to get done over the coming holiday breaks through Christmas and New Years as I’ve scheduled extra time off from work.

Here’s a taste of what’s finished and what’s still on my plate (click to enbiggen):

Artifacts Page 1 & 2



So there ya have it. All in all so far that’s probably about 12 hours of work done in small increments where I could carve them out. I still gotta eat and sleep at some point ya know. So that’s about all I have for right now, I’ll be getting page one at the very least scanned in at work tomorrow so I can post it here, hopefully I’ll be scanning both pages tomorrow. We’ll see.

Thanks for dropping by and as always Stay Tooned!

Greetings one and all,

Another weekend well spent at the Geek Media Expo (GMX). As it turns out this was a pretty special event for me this time around. Where last year I mainly just walked around showing my artwork and talking to other artists/vendors/fellow geeks, this year I was surprised to find myself sitting at my own table in the dealer room.

A huge thanks to my buddy (and con-proxy) Chris and his buddy Marcus who let me take over the empty space after the previous vendor sold out of their stock and decided to pack up and leave. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of the table, but no one’s missing much as I had to make an impromptu sign to help out with presentation. I wasn’t expecting to be sitting in the middle of the con, I was just looking for a place to sit down and get some artwork done so needless to say I was happy with the outcome.

Lots of great feed back from visitors, sold a few prints, ran out of business cards. On top of that I made a great deal of headway on the Top Cow talent hunt project, so wins all around. No sneak peaks on that just yet as I want to get a bit further before revealing anything else now that a lot of people have gotten a taste. As always I snapped shots randomly as I traversed the hallways, though not nearly as many as some people take. I only grab shots of the stuff that really impresses me, I don’t want to be one of those people who sees the entire show through a camera lens.

By far my favorite out of the cos-players was the Lady Avengers in the 40′s style get-ups, both classy and classic at the same time. The picture of me and The Dude in the Millennium Falcon was a no-brainer, a perfect kludge of geek culture.

So, now sadly it’s back to reality and the hum-drum of the work week. Going to pull as many hours after work as I can on the Top Cow project, I got a lot done over the weekend but not as much as I wanted so I’ve got to really put peddle to the metal. More to come, Stay Tooned!

Greetings Internet-izens!

It’s been tough over the past couple of weeks trying to find the time and motivation to get this project moving full steam ahead. Between things at work ramping up due to the start of the Broadway season and most recently getting hit with a nasty sinus infection that took me down for 3 days, I’m actually amazed of gotten as far as I have. Of course it doesn’t speed up the process when I’m working with characters that are completely out of my wheel-house either, but that’s half the fun of this project.

Here’s a sneak peek at the first page, which got a lot of updates as of last night.


There are a lot more nightmarish things lurking in the lower half of this page, so I’m holding off showing those until much later in the inking process. I’ll be back at it tonight after work, so long as nothing goes wrong at work after hours as I’m on call all week. I may attempt to broadcast this evenings session, however I still have not tackled how to set that up in my current space.

That’s all for now, Stay Tooned!

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